Released in February 2013


“Hello Dr. Bilkey, Jeanine and Holli: I am writing to thank you for a couple of reasons: 1) the friendly and professional service, and,2) to let you know how much of an improvement I have seen in my life over the last 6 months, especially in terms of university. Prior to dealing with you, I was on academic debarment, failing, and had no self confidence in my abilities - in fact, I believed I had none. Ever since my diagnosis, and my medications, I have become a very different person. From the last 2 semesters, I have an 8.0 GPA (9.0 scale), and I am very able to retain information. I am sending you an invitation from the Dean of our faculty congratulating me on being one of the top 15%. I hope you it will please you as much as it pleased me. The drugs do not make me an A student; the ability to focus and my drive does. I always had the passion, but your office gave me the vehicle. I am dead serious when it comes to my education now, and in 1 year, I hope to be writing to you again, letting you know that I have graduated and on my way to do my MBA in Financial Engineering. It's a shame you're all the way out in Barrie and I could not come and thank you all in person. I will always be grateful for your services and mostly, your care for people like me. It is such a good feeling to be able to do things I could not do before - simple tasks that would seem so complicated and people around me, nor I could understand why. Thank you again, I love you all for what you did for me. You're all awesome!”
“My experience at the clinic was pretty good. I learned all about ADHD and how it affects my life and what I can do to change it and get better. I liked the interviews. These were good. All together it was a good idea to come, and I’m glad I came and learned all the things I need to do to succeed.”
“It was worth the drive to Barrie. My experiences with both Sandra and Dr. Bilkey were very much appreciated. From the referral to the intake, to the various visits and discussions with Dr. Bilkey, all aspects of the visits were professional, on time and always with a smile. The fact that I am diagnosed with ADHD gives me hope that I can adjust my life to moderate this deficit and manage through things better than I have in the past. I will return in three months time and report back.”
“I came to see Dr. Bilkey to determine if I had ADHD. Sandra was extremely kind, empathetic and patient as I wasn’t sure if I had coverage for the testing. It took me awhile to get back to her. Dr. Bilkey was very good at explaining things and listening to my issues and problems. I will be coming back for a fourth visit.”
“The whole experience has been positive. I feel like the doctor listened to me and was genuinely concerned with helping me. Everyone, in fact, when I met at Stratford and in Barrie was kind and helpful. The final (third) meeting has left an impact where I feel positive and hopeful and have a goal to move ahead and consistently improve.”
“Everyone I have dealt with over the course of my appointments has been very caring and understanding. I was guided easily and was aware of what was expected from me. In return, I have hope of receiving medical treatment.”
“Dr. Bilkey is very knowledgeable and gave good advice. Sandra in the office was extremely helpful and could accommodate my specific needs. Overall, I am quite satisfied with my experience at the clinic.”
"The experience at the clinic over the years has been a learning experience set in a comfortable environment. It has helped me extremely well to finally get some sense of balance in both my personal and career life. As a result, I have been able to achieve things that I normally would no have been able to achieve prior to my experience with the Bilkey ADHD clinic. Helping me understand my disorder has helped me to understand myself and why I do things I do to leverage the disorder to my advantage. I consider ADHD a gift, and feel sorry for those that don't have it, and sorry for those that does have ADHD but have not sought or received the help and experience which I have over the years at the clinic. I am grateful that I was referred to this clinic in particular.”
“I had a great experience here. The staff were so kind and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Bilkey was so easy to talk to and seemed to ask all of the appropriate questions. I do feel that I have some direction now where before, I felt quite lost. He has given me many contacts to help me with a 3-5 plan to improve my confidence and career possibilities. Overall, my assessment has given me motivation and optimism towards my future where it was lacking before.”
“Sandra was very friendly and patient, which made such a difference. The office was very accommodating of my very short time frame, which I appreciated.”
“The clinic is friendly and warm. I felt comfortable and relaxed during every visit. I felt that my diagnosis was thorough and my treatment options were outlined for me. I was put in contact with services at my school and also provided material to help better cope with ADD.”
“Very happy to finally feel there is a chance at feeling better. I am excited about the prospect of living/ working to my maximum potential. Dr. Bilkey was able to help me better understand and identify what all my symptoms meant- the fact that he specializes in the field of ADHD is a comfort and provides assurance that I will get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment I plan possible.”
“Knowledgeable of family history and individual history. New medication recommendation and explained why it was recommended. Reassuring over the treatment options- counselling and medication.”
“Both Dr. Bilkey and Sandra were very friendly and professional, creating a very relaxing and easy atmosphere. Dr. Bilkey is a very calming physician who is easy to open up to and especially comes across as a very non- judgemental professional.”
“Very informative and helpful in understanding ADHD and strategies to deal with the disorder.”
“I found my time here simple, straight forward and effective in understanding where I’m at after years of being in treatment”
“It was very good. He was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Knowledgeable, several suggestions beyond meds- good to have different approaches to take.”
“Sandra is one of the most kind and patient people I have ever met. She always sets me at ease and is a great asset to the clinic. Dr. Bilkey is very knowledgeable and understanding. He made me feel better just by talking to me and I always look forward to my appointments. I think the whole process was a wonderful experience at the clinic.”
“My experience at this clinic was very good. I enjoyed my time here very much. I got the answers to all my questions and felt very comfortable discussing all my issues that I had with myself.”
“Our experience very positive. We were treated very professionally and felt comfortable. Sandra explained everything thoroughly and was very friendly. We enjoyed Dr. Bilkey’s humour.”
“Tim and his staff are very kind, helpful and I would recommend other here. They helped me to learn a lot about my illness, made lots of positive suggestions, and were very interesting to chat with.”
“From my first conversation with Sandra, I felt this was a well run clinic. She is very polite, friendly and does her job very well. Dr. Bilkey definitely knows his stuff and I got the feeling he cares about the patient. His reputation is excellent in the medical community; a couple of doctors said he was the best. He understands this condition from many perspectives- how it affects everything in one’s life. I am pleased with the process and realized with the diagnosis Dr. Bilkey should be cloned.”
“We had a good experience. The staff was attentive, professional and put us at ease.”
“It was very pleasant. Friendly service, welcoming people who were patient and understanding. I was very impressed with the excellent service provided by the clinic.”
“Our experience was very positive. We were treated very professionally and felt comfortable. Sandra explained everything thoroughly and was very friendly. We enjoyed Dr. Bilkey’s humour!”
“It was gratifying to directly have someone understand what you are feeling and going through. I look forward to the recommendations presented to me and have been waiting for this day so I can finally proceed and enhance my quality of life.”
“Wonderful. Informative. Very helpful. Knowing more now about ADHD really explains some of the struggles I’ve had in the past as a teen and explains a lot of my behaviours. Clinic was extremely professional and Dr. Bilkey was very knowledgeable in this field.”
“A very positive experience. Sessions with Dr.Bilkey were very open and relaxed- discussions were very comfortable. Receptionist was very helpful and efficient with appointments.”
“I truly appreciate the confidentiality and appointment accommodation. I was treated very kindly and sympathetically which made me feel better and more comfortable about the experience as a whole. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll let you know when I make it big!”
“Good arrangement of appointments. Organized secretarial support. Organized approach.”
“It was very good. Everyone was very friendly and I felt comfortable.”
“After three visits I have been given hope for a solution. Feel relief that this can be fixed. Dr.Bilkey gave me answers. He asked insightful questions of me. He “gets me”. Clinic is relaxing and I feel treated like you really care. Coming here- this was the last place for me to try- I should have come years ago.”
“I’ve been coming to the clinic for almost 10 years and have only great feedback to give. Starting with an improvement in my grades during University, I would say my life has been greatly improved by the direction given from Dr. Bilkey over the course of those years.”
“It was a great experience and I learned a lot about ADHD that will help me down the road in my future goals. Dr. Bilkey was very helpful and very knowledgeable about ADHD.”
“My experience with the Ontario Bilkey ADHD clinc has been exceptional. The main thing I would like to remark on was how much Dr. Bilkey focused on my strengths and emphasized the positive aspects of ADHD in my life. Appointments, scheduling and reminders were on time and consistent with great communication.”
“You really have a very warm and comfortable environment to speak in. when I came to the clinic I was unsure as to the procedure and I still a little unsure as to what to make of the whole process. However, the whole procedure did give me a chance to evaluate my skills and life goals. Thanks. “
“The atmosphere is welcoming and well structured. Everything is organized and my visits are cohesive without a lot to thinking or watching out for social protocols.”
“Prompt contact after referral. Analysis of testing was provided. One on one with Dr. Bilkey was very good. No narrow mindfulness, explored, no foregone conclusion. There is a glimmer of light at the end of tunnel. Forward progressive options provided. All issues addressed.”
“The overall experience was excellent. From first contact with the office manager, who provided all of the detailed information we needed to know, to the lounge with the DVD explaining ADHD, to the meetings with Dr. Bilkey. It was a very comfortable environment which made it easy to talk about the diagnosis and treatment. It was a relief to find someone who understood my son and explain to us what we need to do to help him.”
“Dr. Bilkey is patient, results oriented; but with caution needed in this type of environment. Good network of professionals to solve the intricate web of issues that often accompanies people such as myself.”
“Good experience. Glad to have a diagnosis and a thorough investigation. Feel confident about moving forward in my life.”
“I found the experience to be very educational and a mature milestone in my life. I firmly believe the knowledge that I have gained from this assessment has provided me with the tools to make a dramatic improvement in my life. I enjoyed meeting Dr. Bilkey and found him to be both encouraging and fun while dealing with a highly complex issue.”
“It was nice to have someone understand what I was feeling and living with. To have someone diagnose and list the symptoms I had been living with for many years was a relief. It is a victory to finally have some answers and perhaps a plan to get better.”
Released in February 2013
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