Released in February 2013


A Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in the field of Adult ADHD, Dr. Bilkey has presented hundreds of lectures on a broad range of issues related to this condition.

Dr. Bilkey recently completed a self-help book on Adult ADHD titled FAST MINDS: How To Thrive if You Have ADHD (Or Think You might), co-authored by Dr. Craig Surman of Harvard University. It has been published by Harvard Health Publications and Penguin Books and will be released in February 2013. The forward has been completed by Howie Mandel, and FAST MINDS has been positively reviewed by Dr. Ned Hallowell, co-author of Driven To Distraction, Dr. Russell Barkley, author of many prestigious books on ADHD, Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, co-author of ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, and Nancy Ratey, author of The Disorganized Mind.

His nationally accredited FAST MINDS™ program has been presented world-wide, to physicians in Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taipei, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Greece and across Canada.

His audiences include family physicians, psychiatrists, pediatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners, addictions specialists, educators, social workers, pharmacists, learning disabilities associations and concerned parents. He has also presented to numerous universities across Canada.

Dr. Bilkey has created and delivered lectures focussing on specific areas of Adult ADHD, including ADHD and College/University Students, ADHD and Addictions, ADHD and Comorbidities, ADHD and Adolescents, and most recently ADHD and Females.

Feedback to Dr. Bilkey’s lectures has been consistently positive across the globe.

From Taiwan, comments include: “Thanks for the great talk you gave. I received a lot of great feedback from the local doctors. They were impressed by your energy and professionalism. You are the expert to make ADHD symptoms easy to remember and explain the impact through the patient’s whole life.”

After a presentation in Buenos Aires, the following comment was received: “Your participation, besides ensuring a high standard, was very well received by the audience. I want to highlight your quality as a speaker, your professionalism and your always good availability to physicians during the event.” Also in Buenos Aires, at a second speaking engagement, Dr. Bilkey received the following comment: “You were rated by the audience as follows: Quality of Speaker, 99% said Excellent, Very Good. Content of presentation, 96% said Excellent, Very Good.”

Dr. Bilkey presented at the Biannual Meeting of the Mexican Psychiatric Association on Adult ADHD: Detection and Treatment, and received the following feedback: “Please give my best regards to Dr. Bilkey and thank him for all the enthusiasm and professionalism in his presentation. We managed to fill up the room with close to 600 psychiatrists which is not that easy to accomplish in this kind of venue.”

Not only have Dr. Bilkey’s presentations been well-received, they have also contributed to physicians making changes to their practices in the evaluation and treatment of adolescents and adults with ADHD. They expressed increased confidence to diagnose and treat, they felt more competent in diagnosing, and stated they would be more cognizant of the incidence of ADHD in private practice.


Dr. Bilkey continued to lecture across Canada and internationally in 2013.

In May, Dr. Bilkey went on a Canadian East Coast speaking tour, presenting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Moncton, New Brunswick and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on the topic “Her FAST MINDS: Females and ADHD”.

At the end of this speaking tour, Dr. Bilkey presented at the 2013 Atlantic Psychiatric Conference on the topic “ADHD and Addictions” in Charlottetown, PEI.

In early June, Dr. Bilkey travelled to Milan, Italy, for the 4th World Congress on ADHD. At the congress, he presented the poster based on his nationally accredited educational program FAST MINDS. Out of 500 international poster submissions at the Congress, the FAST MINDS poster was selected in the top 20 and chosen for the best poster session.

From September through November of 2013, Dr. Bilkey will be speaking at large conferences in Ottawa, Montreal and Virginia.

At the Annual Conference of the Canadian Psychiatric Society (CPA), to be held in Ottawa in late September, Dr. Bilkey will be presenting three workshop and leading a Networking Group Discussion. In light of the publication of the best-seller FAST MINDS: How To Thrive if You Have ADHD (Or Think You Might), Dr. Bilkey will be leading a Network Group Discussion on the topic “The Psychiatrist Author: What To Do When You Want To Write A Book” on September 26. The following day, Dr. Bilkey will present two workshops, “ADHD and Addictions” and “Women with ADHD”. His final workshop for the CPA Conference will be held on September 28, when he presents “ADHD in the Adolescent Population: A Focus on Impulsivity”.

In early October, Dr. Bilkey will travel to Montreal, where he will take part in the 9th Annual Conference of the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA). On October 5, he will give a plenary presentation on the topic “Women and ADHD”. Dr. Bilkey will lead a workshop on this same topic on October 5. A workshop on “ADHD and Addictions” will be presented by Dr. Bilkey on October 5.

In November, Dr. Bilkey will be co-presenting with his co-author of FAST MINDS, Dr. Craig Surman, at the 2013 Annual CHADD International Conference on ADHD. For the Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) conference, Dr. Bilkey and Dr. Surman will present “Supporting ADHD in Adults: Personalizing Evidence-Informed Approaches.”

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