Released in February 2013

My Mission

I am a medical doctor specializing in the assessment and treatment of ADHD in adolescents and adults.

Through my work, I focus on education, awareness and understanding of this important condition which continues to be under-recognized and under-diagnosed.

The goal of treatment is to facilitate the recovery process of those who have been affected.

As part of this recovery process, I offer interventions which help with greater balance and a greater quality of life for people with ADHD. Part of the feedback process with people focuses on a new academic/vocational trajectory, based on their natural aptitudes and strengths. This goodness of fit between natural ability and a new academic program or job is vital. This creates a new sense of hope for people, and is life changing.

A cornerstone of the diagnosis is for people with ADHD and their families to understand the impact this condition has had on their lives.

Providing the latest scientific information regarding ADHD to physician colleagues has been an important part of my practice. I regularly provide educational talks to other psychiatrists, pediatricians, primary care physicians, pharmacists, nurses and nurse practitioners. This is important work since the awareness of ADHD, which is growing, continues to be a vastly under-recognized condition in general clinical practice.

When I provide international lectures, I am struck by how interested other physicians are about learning more about Adult ADHD.

My medical educational program FAST MINDS™ was designed to facilitate the process for the rapid recognition of Adult ADHD. This program has been nationally accredited through the College of Family Physicians of Canada since 2009. My newest documentary, “Her FAST MIND – An In Depth Look at ADHD as it Affects Women” addresses the under-recognition of this very common condition in females, and documents how they quietly underachieve for their potential because of core symptoms of distractibility and forgetfulness.

FAST MINDS™, the educational program, took a different form and was developed through Harvard University as a self-help book. I have co-authored the book FAST MINDS with Dr. Craig Surman at Harvard University.