Released in February 2013

Educational Programs

Dr. Bilkey embraces his role as an educator, helping to spread awareness about Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adolescents and adults.

Dr. Bilkey recently completed a self-help book on Adult ADHD titled FAST MINDS: How To Thrive if You Have ADHD (Or Think You might), co-authored by Dr. Craig Surman of Harvard University. It has been published by Harvard Health Publications and Penguin Books and will be released in February 2013. The forward has been completed by Howie Mandel, and FAST MINDS has been positively reviewed by Dr. Ned Hallowell, co-author of Driven To Distraction, Dr. Russell Barkley, author of many prestigious books on ADHD, Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, co-author of ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, and Nancy Ratey, author of The Disorganized Mind.

Adult ADHD is a common and highly impairing psychiatric disorder, affecting approximately 4.4% of all adults. The persistence of ADHD into adulthood is associated with numerous domains of impairment, including educational and occupational functioning. While both persistent and impairing, ADHD in the adult population is also associated with numerous comorbidities, including high rates of mood and anxiety disorders and addictions.

Although awareness of ADHD in adults is growing, the disorder remains vastly under-recognized in clinical practice. The diagnosis can be complex in that ADHD shares symptoms with other conditions and manifestations of ADHD change over time.

Recognizing the need to provide physicians with a rapid method to recognize ADHD in their clinical practices, Dr. Bilkey developed the FAST MINDS™ program. He first created the acronym FAST MINDS to help physicians become familiar with recognizing the symptoms of ADHD. Patient presentations were then developed to demonstrate to physicians how patients with ADHD might present in their practices. Among these presentations are The Person with a Previous Diagnosis and/or Family History, The Struggling Student, The Distractible Daydreamer and The Stuck Person. Mock patient interviews with actors were then filmed, demonstrating the 10 common clinical presentations, to present physicians with memorable visuals.

FAST MINDS™ has now been nationally accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada since 2009, and continues to assist physicians in the recognition of symptoms and patient presentations of Adult ADHD in their practices.

Dr. Bilkey has furthered his educational mandate by creating lectures focussed on specific areas of Adult ADHD, including ADHD and College/University Students, ADHD and Addictions, ADHD and Comorbidities, and most recently ADHD and Females. He has presented these lectures internationally, speaking across Canada and in Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taipei, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Greece.

ADHD in females was further explored in Dr. Bilkey’s medical documentary, Her FAST MIND – An In Depth Look at ADHD as it Affects Women (2012). This peer-reviewed documentary, which delves into why ADHD is under-recognized and under-treated in women, and features a round-table discussion with women discussing the affect of this condition on their lives, has met with strong response from Dr. Bilkey’s medical colleagues. Dr. Mary Seeman, Professor Emerita, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, shared her review of the documentary: “Dr. Bilkey’s Her Fast Mind – an in depth look at ADHD as it affects women is an excellent teaching tool, with real women describing their varying experiences with ADHD. I learned that ADHD occurs not only in boys, but also in adult women, that it can take on many aspects, and that symptoms change over time. Making the diagnosis is essential because it gives a woman a better understanding of her difficulties at work and at home, and helps her develop all important organizational strategies.”

The making of Her FAST MIND was preceded by the development of another medical educational documentary, ADHD Across the Lifespan, first released in 2005, and re-released in 2010. In this documentary, Dr. Bilkey and special guests address the causes of ADHD and signs of the condition, and provide advice to educators, parents and physicians on how to help those with ADHD.

Dr. Bilkey also works as a mentor in preceptorship programs he offers in his clinic, teaching physician colleagues with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. One attendee at a preceptorship shared these comments: “I gained a wealth of insight on the most effective, evidence-based clinical approaches in adult ADHD thanks to Dr. Bilkey’s thorough assessment and follow-up practices. Dr. Bilkey’s FAST MINDS™ program is a testament to his impressive expertise in this complex disorder and would be a valuable tool for any practitioners considering treating ADHD.”

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